Install the Ultimate Mystery and Allure With 3D Mosaics on Walls and Floors

September 14th, 2017

When the senses are assaulted by the charm of 3D mosaics, in a range of exotic materials like stone, metal, and glass or blends in all their mystic power, realization dawns and insight deepens. Why should homes and businesses not go the extra mile to create fanciful environments? Aesthetic concerns have assumed immense importance in the present-day world and such tiles with little built-in landscapes do mesmerize the vision. When they are artistically installed with appropriate color combinations in the right places, it is truly an inspiring vision.

Life turns so much more productive and tranquil in an appreciation of beauty. The modern world worships art and sculpture, digitally too, and here is something that smacks of contemporary art, created with powerful, inventive zeal, and processed by precise technology, yet the naturalist at heart.

Since life is experienced in glorious 3D, any scenario could well be copied in art. Foliage, urban high-rises, the desert, water and the oceans, the sky, or nothing in particular, and art has no limits. The result is dynamic and exciting, adding depth to the image, expanding mental horizons all the way. Color and texture choices, sizes and shapes would deliver the fourth dimension perhaps! Accent walls in the living room, building entrances with company logos and messages, the fireplace surrounds, commercial ventures, kitchens and bars, such tiles fit in most wonderfully just anywhere.

Some astonishing creations that mean so much to so many environments.
• 3D arched glass/stone blends like Sabbia and Marron
• Harmony White that imitates a bracelet
• Rustique Interlocking Pattern is truly a masterpiece
• Monochrome fascinating wonders like Silver Cube Glass and Illusion Interlocking
• Marble-based dreams like Carrara White, Emperador Dark and Durango Cream
• Dramatic Heritage wood panel mosaics for those who prefer wood formats
• Stainless Steel Hexagon Mosaics in monochrome

Get hit between the eyes with 3D mosaics. Endless choices hamper quick tile selections that are a common phenomenon at shopping malls the world over of clothes, shoes or jewelry. The online visualizer does help to imagine what the impact of tile patterns would be on dwellings or business environments. Besides, it would be a pity if only one grand pattern is selected after all the fuss. Like buying several dresses or shoes together, investing in a few dissimilar tiles, would serve the purpose best, allowing for a mix and match adventure. A glass 3D, a metallic one and marble too, and blends, perhaps if they are preferred! Whether it is a new construction, a renovation or extension, property values increase dramatically while keeping up with the times.

Glass mosaics with their incredible colors in all their bright transparency and luminosity would brighten up dull environments particularly well. The artist has been at work with a collage of shapes and color combinations that create instant hits. Besides the visually stimulating hexagons and triangles, all in 3D, abstract modern art crisscrosses with touching effect.

Among the many exotic choices in the online marketplace, one of the well-known mosaics for the kitchen is Brown 3D Glass Mosaic. It needs little maintenance and the stone lookalike is intensely charming indeed. Combine these natural colored tiles with granite countertops to complete the kitchen earth inspiration.

The end of the list does not really appear with the ingenuity and creative endeavor that manufacturers and designers have marketed. For metal lovers, Brushed Aluminum Tiles, Recycled Cast Aluminum Wall Tiles, and even wood and cement creations have combined fanciful patterns in monochrome and faint shades that easily woo customers out to dazzle guests and clients. The mighty impact of the 3D tiles would need to consider wall colors too, furniture styles and shades, lighting fixtures, carpets, and curtains since they all combine to create the ultimate impression.

3D surface textures may appear rough at a distance, but new technology provides glossy, silken surfaces that would be so much easier to work with and clean. Bathroom walls could opt for such surfaces in light cream or blue shades for a heartwarming experience each time. Whether it is White Marble Mosaic Polished, Mixed Color Glass Stone Cube, Aluminum Glass Split Face, Raised Cobblestone Pattern Aluminum Mosaic or the amazing Silver and Pewter Aluminum Square Mosaic Tile, the third dimension brings the extra edge, an appeal too great to miss. Make 3D mosaics a valuable style statement.

3 Types of Point of Purchase Display Units

September 14th, 2017

With such a variety of point of purchase (POP) displays available to the retailer it can be difficult to identify the most appropriate choice. Popular options include counter displays, literature displays, brochure holders, pallet displays and floor displays. Also, many of the display choices are split between the temporary and permanent units. Here are three of the major types of point of purchase display units:


Most of the temporary displays used in the stores are intended to last for one or two months and manufactured in a low-cost material, such as corrugated cardboard. The temporary displays are great for market testing, seasonal products, or product introductions. But, it is best to avoid using these displays for higher-ticket items because they aren’t the strongest option out there. The use of screen-printed graphics or similar is very cost-effective and having the displays shipped semi-constructed can help to save a lot of time and effort. Plus, the cardboard material is perfect to recycle in the future once it is no longer needed.


The semi-permanent display is practical for the retailer that wants something a little sturdier and can last for a period of up to one year. This type of display unit is made in a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, glass, durable cardboard, co-polyester and acrylic. Most of these displays can feature a brand identifier or logo printed on the outside. Sometimes, this display can have a dual purpose and accept more than one type of product, which helps to save costs and takes up less space in store. Plus, the high-quality build of the semi-permanent display means it is fit to accept all types of products, including the high ticket items.


The permanent display is built to last for three or more years and the type of unit with the highest maintenance and upfront costs. Many of these units are built to appear much like a kiosk or a separate area within a large store. This display unit is a lot less common in the retail environment, but when used, it is often placed near the checkout or elsewhere in store that may seem appropriate. In view of the high costs, these display units are built with the best quality materials like wood, metal, plastic and glass. Also, because of the higher upfront costs it is important to carefully choose the right size and shape of the display to make sure it fully complements the store layout.